You're Already in It

Have you ever prayed for God to bless you with something? Whether it be a special someone, a new job, or to make it to the next level in your sport. Have you prayed for it but feel like maybe God forgot about it? Perhaps it is right in front of you and you are just too scared to step into it.

I heard a sermon this week based on Numbers chapter 13. In this chapter, the Israelites sent out spies to scope out the land of Canaan. God had already promised the land of Canaan to the Israelites, all they had to do was just step out in faith and take ownership of the land. However, the spies (except Caleb) became very discouraged as they were afraid of the inhabitants already in the land. 

The spies in this chapter paint a perfect picture of so many of us today. We pray for these elaborate blessings or even for God to give us opportunities to share our faith, but when the time comes we cower in our doubt and fear. What if you are as close to your promise as the Israelites were to inhabiting Canaan at that moment? Don't miss out, take the step.

Here's what people miss:

You don't just arrive at your promise, you grow into your promise. You are already in it, the trick is to persevere and keep moving into it. Professional athletes don't just waltz into the big leagues, it takes years of growth and hard work to get to their goal.

Perhaps that's where God is calling you today... stop waiting for something to drop into your lap and grow into the promise God has for your life today!

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