Understanding Your Calling

"When you don't recognize the value of what you have in your hands,

you will always get from it far less

than it is worth."

- Levi Lusko

Are you ready for this? I'm about to tell you something that many people go their entire life without realizing. Your purpose in this life is to honor God and make His name known.

One of the coolest things is that you do not have to look for tools to use to share the Gospel. In fact, God has already equipped you with everything you need. Everything that you need is already inside of you. All you have to do is be obedient with the gifts and talents He has blessed you with.

Think about it. Often times the many teammates and opponents that we surround ourselves with daily, do not go to church. Therefore it is not likely that they will get to hear a pastor preach. So why not use the bond that you have already cultivated with your teammates through your mutual love of the game and speak life into your teammates. You could be the only representation of Jesus that your teammates see. Jesus didn't sit around in a church his whole life and hope that people would come and hear the Gospel. Instead, He traveled from town to town bringing the Gospel to the people.

That is the sole reason God has created each and every one of us with unique talents so that we can take the Gospel to our teams and our surroundings.

"A failure to understand how powerful and extraordinary God's plans for you are will lead to you being taken advantage of by the enemy and failing to live up to your potential."

- Levi Lusko (Through the Eyes of a Lion). The last thing you want is to look back on your life and realize the missed opportunity you had to minister to those around you.

The gifts you have been blessed with are only for a season. There will come a time when you have to hang up the cleats, why not live each day like it's your last. I want to challenge each and every one of you to be intentional with the way you live this week. The next time you take the field, remember the true reason you are out there. 

I pray that everyone reading this will be just as touched by this truth as I was writing this. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Please spread the word about this weekly devotional and press share below as we try to impact those around us.

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