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Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Have you ever thought about how you can use your gifts and talents more efficiently?

What if I told you that there was a way to use the things you do every single day as a way to worship the Lord.

One thing I grew up hearing was that sports are an idol and dictate too much of a families schedule. There are aspects to that theory that are true, but why not use sports as just another tool to reach those around us for Christ?

If you think about it, as a baseball player I was able to surround myself daily with guys my age that a pastor would never be able to get in front of. I was able to plant a seed in their lives through the way I conducted myself around them. So much of the Christian faith is about relationships. Many people miss the fact that our daily lives are perhaps the biggest ministry we can have. The way you act and treat others can speak volumes about your faith. You are either drawing people closer to Christ in your daily life or pushing them farther away.

That may seem harsh but really think about it, are you encouraging others or are you tearing them down? If you put yourself in an unbelievers shoes and saw how you acted daily, would they notice something different about you? Or would they see you just as everyone else.

Often times we are able to build special connections with the people we surround ourselves with everyday. The reason God gave you those gifts and talents is so you can share with the people you see everyday.

When we meet others who share the same talents as us, we build instant connections with them. For example, if I meet another baseball player, we have this instant respect for each other and connection over our shared interest. But, if I was to to go to a soccer field and try to talk their lingo and play along with them I wouldn’t earn their respect because I know nothing about soccer. But for baseball, through a ministry called Beyond the Game, when we go to the Dominican Republic, we can instantly establish a connection with the people there through the game of baseball. When we find commonality with others we can build trust.

Through Beyond the Game we use the game of baseball to teach others about the Gospel. We conduct baseball clinics throughout the Dominican Republic where we teach them fundamentals and other aspects about the game of baseball. Once we build their trust and a connection with them, we begin to share our testimonies and why our faith has been essential to our lives. When we share our testimonies we become vulnerable with these people. We give them a look into some of our deepest hardships as people, often times that strikes a nerve with them. Despite the cultural and language barriers, we as humans all share the same struggles.

So I want to encourage you, instead of taking your talents and your hardships and holding them with a closed fist, put them in an open-hand and allow God to use them for His glory.

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